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Il Giglio


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Pride of the company, it was born as a bet made by the two Orrù sisters, Antonella and Anna to enhance the centenary olive groves handed down for 5 generations of Semidana, the typical cultivar of Orrù. In this territory, Semidana gives the maximum of its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics.

An extra virgin olive oil to which you choose to give a Sardinian name Treslizos, to indicate a cultivar rooted in the territory and with a meaning of strong family empathy, TresLizos (THREE GIGLI), takes the name of the father of the sisters precisely Giglio and indicates the past, present and future generation of the Orrù family.

Rich in oleic acid, polyphenols and vitamin E, it is a food to be used raw to enhance dishes, giving a pleasant bitter and spicy touch.