The farm

"Who works with his hands is a worker, who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman, who works with his hands, with his head and his heart is an artist"
Saint Francis

Since 1857

Our agricultural and livestock company was founded in 1857: over 160 years ago.

Ours is an extraordinary journey towards healthy nutrition and quality food production that is also immaterial culture.

Cultivate the countryside and, meanwhile, recount it. Show respect for it and preserve it as a precious asset.

Transforming its fruits in a careful and sustainable way, to create products that recount the land they were grown, the hands that protected and harvested them, the people who worked and prepared them.

Our raw materials

The raw materials of our products, free of chemical residues, are obtained in a biological way and transformed with protective technologies for organoleptic and nutritional integrity.

Our organic products, extra virgin olive oil produced from auctotoni monocultivar semidana olive groves (typical of our territory), fruit, vegetables, durum wheat semolina Sen. Capelli and the flours with its derivatives are simple and genuine.

The stages of our process

Several years ago we made the choice to cultivate according to three guidelines with the aim of preserving fertility and environmental biodiversity, and fully respecting our beloved land.

  • Km 0 - #KmGiglio

    Cultivating, harvesting, selecting and offering our customers high quality products, grown by us in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, controlling every stage of the Short Supply Chain process.

  • Responsibility to the Earth

    Working organic is our mantra. We respect plants, we only help them with organic fertilizers, in the total absence of pesticides, herbicides and pesticides. The farmer once again plays a primary role in the supply chain.

  • Protection of biodiversity

    We deeply love our Island. This is why we keep pace with the seasons by growing according to the natural adapted areas, enhancing its biodiversity, its wealth and its heritage.