Our family

The Orrù family

Agriturismo Il Giglio takes its name from its founder: Giglio Orrù. .

We are the fourth and fifth generation of farmers of the Orrù family. We are four siblings: Nanni and his wife Sara, Antonella, Francesco and Anna, together with our granddaughter Eleonora.

We are engaged in different areas of the company but we all work with the same passion and determination for the enhancement of our products, always inspired by the teachings that our father Giglio left us.

An art that has been handed down to us ...

Since its inception in 1857, our goal is to produce good and nourishing food, the result of conscious agriculture that respects the times, the land and its fertility.

For more than 160 years, our family has been carrying out this beautiful job and even today, both in our beloved lands and on the farm, we are dedicated to the production of food from the countryside, free from chemicals and pesticides, guarded and cultivated every day with respect.

... that we carry on with passion

Ours is an agriculture made up of skilful gestures and seasonality, of joy for a luxuriant harvest, but also of effort, waiting and slow times.

An agriculture of unchanged traditions and innovation. An agriculture in balance with new technologies and experimentation with recipes and ingredients. An agriculture in line with the rigorous regulations that authentic organic products require.

We feel the responsibility of producing food that is a relationship and a story of our territory. Relationship between those who produce it and those who benefit from it.