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Donna Marisa

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Donna Marisa is an extra virgin olive oil, produced thanks to the fruits of the centuries-old olive trees of the Oristano area, belonging to the Orrù family for 5 generations.

The name Donna Marisa is the homage that the children, Antonella, Anna, Francesco and Giovanni wanted to pay to their mother Marisa, founder together with her husband Giglio, of the splendid reality that today their children carry on with pride.

Donna Marisa, a strong oil, from ancient olive groves rooted in the territory like the archaic tradition of matriarchy in Sardinia.
Donna Marisa's label wants to bring to mind the archetype of the Mother Goddess, an immutable symbol of fertility and regeneration. “A tribute to our mother, whose memory lives with us every day."

This oil with its medium fruity allows an easy combination with humicated sea ff , raw shrimp and tuna, tomato bruschetta, vegetable creams and winter soups, red meats, game and aged cheeses.

🏆 Awards 2022

  • Presidio Slow Food
  • Chiocciola Azienda Presidio Slow Food
  • Grandi Oli Slow
  • Olio d'Italia: 5 gocce e menzione di merito
  • Olio del Mediterraneo: 5 gocce e menzione di merito
  • Concorso Terre d'Olio di Fausto Borrella: Corona d'oro di Mastro d'olio

🌱 Organoleptic characteristics


Dense crystalline and golden green.


Intense and fine with vegetal, fruity and balsamic hints with notes of artichoke, tomato leaf, cheeky fresh grass, mandarin, thyme, mint and myrtle.


Very intense and structured with notes of pepper, artichoke and chicory on the palate. Persistent on the palate and balanced in its medium bitter and spicy notes.