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Popular Festivals

The horseback joust of Sartiglia has been held since 1600 in Oristano on the last Sunday and Tuesday of the Carnival period. About a hundred horsemen participate. They attempt to penetrate a star hung on a ribbon with their swords. The head of the race is the 'Componidori'.

The 'Ardia' events take place between July and August in Sedilo, 45 kilometres from Oristano. They include the barefoot race: 400 to 500 barefoot men wearing a white habit who break a vow by taking the saint from the San Salvatore village to Cabras.The 'Ardia' also features the fassonis regatta at Santa Giusta – old boats made from pond plants.

There are many festivals aimed at upholding the image of local products typifying the area in all periods of the year.


  La Sartiglia Is Fassonis