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 An excursion to the nearby Sinis peninsula is a must because this is one of Sardinia's most fascinating and special places. Its ponds house numerous species of waterfowl and are protected by the Ramsar Convention. In winter, visitors can admire thousands of pink flamingos as well as many species of birds in the shallow waters of the temporary ponds and in the large salt pool of Sale Porcus

In the cane thicket of the Cabras pond, one can come across the rare sultan chicken, or watch various species of ducks, herons, cormorants and hawks and, during migration, the fisher falcon. On the cliffs of Cape Mannu, one can see the rarest gull in Europe as it flies low over the crystal clear waters: the Corsican gull. Cape Mannu and the natural oasis of Turre Seu are considered important botanical sites through the presence of numerous species of flowers, many of them endemic.
South of Oristano, the ponds of Santa Giusta and S'Ena Arrubia accommodate more than ten thousand waterfowl during the winter season.Giara di Gesturi, about 50 kilometres from Oristano, is well worth a visit. It is a basalt plateau 4 km wide and 12 km long. Europe's last remaining wild horse can be found here: the little Giara horse, small, very dark with almost almond shaped eyes