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The first human settlements were Neolithic (IV millennium before Christ). The nuraghic civilisation developed in Sardinia in the II millennium BC and continued for over 1,500 years. This culture takes its name from its most typical monument: the nuraghe, an impressive tower building in the shape of a truncated cone. Losa di Abbasanta, the most important nuraghe, is about 35 kilometres away. The sacred well used for the cult of the waters of Santa Cristina di Paulilatino is from the same period and stands 25 km away.



The Phoenician town of Tharros stands on the southern tip of the Sinis peninsula. It is a natural port, protected against winds. In the past this allowed ships to moor in all weathers. The Romanesque-Pisa style basilica of Santa Giusta, erected in 1135-1145, stands 3 km to the south of Oristano, and testifies to the former importance of the town bearing that name.



Pozzo di Santa Cristina

Basilica di Santa Giusta



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